Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lisa and Kale's Engagement Celebration- Baltimore, MD

I had so much fun this past weekend taking pictures of this couple. Why? Well for one reason- they are so sweet together but more than that- Lisa is my little cousin (okay- not so little anymore but at one point I did change her diapers so I still call her that) :) Kale proposed to Lisa this weekend and then surprised her with a huge family gathering at one of their favorite restaurants in Baltimore, MD. Lisa's face was priceless that day. Both her and Kale were floating on the clouds-- so happy. You know how you can just tell when two people are right for eachother? This is one of those situations. :) I took some engagement pictures for them across the street from the restaurant. I only wish I had more time with them because they were so much fun!
Congrats Kale and Lisa! Enjoy the pics!

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Cheryl said...

These are so great! Can't wait until the BIG day! You did such a nice job, Chris!

Love Ya!

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